Savvy Marketing Group provides marketing strategies focused on cost-effective customer acquisition and retention strategies that leverage multiple platforms: paid and organic search, social, mobile and direct response.  We are data-driven digital marketers with a passion for connecting customers with excellent brands offering premium products and services.

Leslie Ellwood, Founder, is a marketer and general manager with experience delivering profitable user growth, determining market fit and target customers as well as negotiating profitable partnerships. She loves creating an innovative vision, creating a plan to launch it flawlessly and analyzing the results. Her experience includes working with Fortune 100 financial services, start-ups, non-profits and media companies.

Results include increasing traffic and page views to Men’s Fitness and SHAPE.com, assessing market fit for new businesses for The Economist.com and launching countless marketing campaigns and product extensions for American Express in the OPEN, Consumer Card and Interactive Strategy groups.

Follow her:

https://www.quora.com/Leslie-Ellwood, @LTEllwood

Lauren McGovern, Social Media Strategist, specializes in viral content creation, engaging fan communities and increasing site referral traffic via social media channels.  Her areas of expertise includes social media campaign development including content creation, sweepstakes and sponsorships as well as blogger outreach and management.

Her experience includes working with premium brands in fashion, entertainment and media to create memorable digital identities across Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

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